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Salem - Luv This

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Lyrics / Paroles : Salem – Luv This

Salem – Luv This


Na Salem Madhi Ekieu…

Ah l’m back! Alright

You gon love this, love me, love my team you hear me negger

You not ready I know but you gonna love this shit negger

Get your ass up now cuz I gonna make this free time better

We just get started don’t worry we won’t be over

You gotta chill with us, you gotta to sip with us, you gotta to call me your Boss , you gotta bring your lost

Fuck! If you really wanna stop

Fuck! If you gonna call the cops

Fuck! If you leave till you broke

Fuck! If you not raising your cup

Fuck! Negger you know that’s wassup

When I step in the club everybody wonder, everybody wonder

Striking like a thunder, I spit on your number, get my middle finger,

Don’t bring your sister, gotta bring your mother cuz I be your father damn!

Look! You cannot run my team, you gotta take it for real, I gonna smoke some weed

I gonna fuck some chicks hey!

Today is gonna be my day! You know what?

Everything here we gonna pay! Don’t pretend Dog you wanna stay

I’m bless I’m bless cuz I pray

Chorus*2: say you luv this, say you luv this,

say you luv this, say you luv this

Cuz I do it do it do it do it like you do

Cuz I do it do it do it do it like you do

I’m on second verse negger why you still wonder

I’m so flashy bitches know that I’m not Steevy Wonder

I’m running the game I feel it negger I say it say it louder

You better scare cuz I’m getting burnt like a fire

Back on HipHop! I won’t give up

Back I’m so hot! I gonna fuck up

Back I’m not broke! I gonna spend all

Back cuz I gonna rock! I gonna drop more wow!

They say this motherfucker is getting insane

Salem Madhi gonna run this game

Ain’t gonna stop it my negger you hear me, work for my destiny, ensure my family

I get you crazy and you gonna hate me, I know that my negger but you gonna love this

I won’t be sorry, I get you naked, you gonna crazy don’t get me wicked

My haters my haters you gonna suck that, we gonna pop that, they gonna suck that

I’m a sucker for love, you a sucker for none

5,4,3,2 negger I won’t be done, l’m Salem Madhi, I’m Salem Madhi

I’m back, l’m back, I’m back!

Chorus *4

Dr Dark Os on the beat, yeah my man Dj Shiny on the mix

I’m back boy, I’m back, I’m back! Salem Madhi is back! Ekieu… Shout out to all my neggers.



Artiste: Salem Madhi

Title: Luv This

Beat by: Dr Dark Os

Mixed by: Dj Shiny